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In these difficult and unprecedented times, the Adds Up team are working hard keeping up to date with all the measures the Chancellor has announced to help employers and the self-employed through the ongoing issues resulting from Coronavirus. This means we can provide the correct advice and support to you.

Adds Up are mindful that these are times of worry to everyone, that in addition to concerns for the health of you and your family, there is also a concern for the effects on your business and employees.

I want to continue to provide all my clients with a valued and fair service, so I am setting time aside each day, dedicated to taking your calls and deal with your queries.  

To ensure that the most benefit is gained from this time calls must be booked in advance, using this link to the Calendly app – https://calendly.com/addsupbookkeeping

The booking process is very easy, just follow the steps.

Select the length of call you wish to book, the date and time and confirm. Then fill in your name and email address. Most importantly please complete the box regarding anything that will help prepare for the meeting, specifically with what you want to discuss. This means I can be prepared for the call and it is more productive.

If your query requires me to do further research this may incur a cost, you will be charged for the time taken at my hourly rate. I will be clear what this cost will be and what the benefit will be to you and your business.

Thank you for your understanding during this time so that Adds Up can continue to help make a real difference to you and your business. I hope you remain safe and well.


Kind regards